Eyelash Extensions

At Bliss Nail Bar, you can have customized eyelashes done by our Certified Eyelash Professionals. We use medical grade adhesive to attach individual lashes for you, the lashes come in different sizes and are selected to give an individualized natural look for you.

Volume Set

Custom designed for your eyes. Our stylists will use approximately 100 to 125 lashes per eye to give your lashes the fullest and thickest look possible.

Full Set

Our stylists will give your lashes the fullest look possible using 75 – 100 lashes per eye.

Natural Set

Our stylists will use approx. 50 lashes and custom design them to give you a natural look.

Introductory Flare

Designed to accentuate your eyes, and give you a cat-eyed look.

Touch Ups

Lashes do fall out with time and vary individually. To avoid having to do do a full set, we recommend you come in for periodic touch up service every 3 to 4 weeks. Touch up sessions are generally short, and will only take 30 to 45 minutes.

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